Weaver Academy for Performing Arts

Guitar Program

300 S. Spring St.
Greensboro, NC 27401


Email: Luip@gcsnc.com


"To Say that I was extremely impressed by the level of guitar playing at Weaver Academy would be an understatement. All the students displayed an amazingly high technical level and a beautiful tone, seldom found in high school players. In addition, each possessed a strong musicality and an individual interpretive sense..."

Michael Nicolella                                                                                                                          Concert Classical guitarist and composer                                                                                  Seattle, 2007             

We are a part of the Guilford County Public School System located in Greensboro, NC.  Weaver Academy for Performing Arts is a four-years full-time High School. At this point, We have less than 300 full-time students. To attend our programs, students must go through an audition process in March.

Although Weaver Academy is only four years old,  we are rapidly gaining a strong reputation. The Guitar Program at Weaver is a decidedly challenging program. Students attend Guitar Class every day for one and one- half hour. Solo and ensemble repertoire are both our emphasized. In order to graduate with a "Full Track", students also fulfill their requirements in Keyboard, Basic Musician, Music Theory, Music History and AP Music Theory. Our goal is to bring our students rapidly from beginning and intermediate levels to  advanced level and have them ready for college studies or a professional life.

The unique environment at Weaver Academy allows the teacher and students to work very close together. Asides from the growth in their artistry, we pay as much attention to our students' well being.

Our students has won 3rd price in the Music Academy of North Carolina Guitar Competition in 2006. Most of the students in our first senior class received and accepted scholarships  to further their education in Music. They have been accepted into  San Francisco Music Conservatory, University of East Carolina, NC School of the Arts, Stetson University, Wilmington University of North Carolina and Berkelee College of Music. They will be persuading either classical or jazz studies.